Getting started

The following documentation is designed to familiarise you with the MiX Telematics REST APIs, and includes sample code to help you get started.

The MiX Integrate REST APIs make use of the OpenID Connect Protocol Resource Owner Flow to authenticate users. This requires a Client Id and a Client Secret which, along with a MiX Fleet Manager username and password, are used to authenticate a user.

Obtaining Client Id and Client Secret

To authenticate your product against the authentication server you will need to be issued a Client Id and Client Secret. To have these created, please log an SR with Support and provide the following details:

  1. Software application name: customer name if no software application name is available
  2. Application Purpose: if 3rd party requires MiX Fleet Manager credentials, permissions would be required
  3. Developer email address: the e-mail address to which the link for retrieving the Client Id and Client Secret should be sent
  4. Correspondence language: for email communications in supported languages
  5. Data Centre(s): the environment(s) for which a Client Id and Client Secret are required

Once the Client Id and Client Secret have been created, the developer will receive an e-mail containing a link to a URL which is valid for 7 days and which can only be accessed once. The link will open a browser window containing the Application name, Client Id, and Client Secret.

NB! Please ensure that you save these details as the information cannot be recovered or redisplayed once the page is closed - MiX Telematics has no visibility of Client Secrets.